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Hiii, bloomers, I am Iness, the purple fairy who is truly obsessed with colors, yet always dressed in black. But seriously, wouldn't it be awesome if the entire world was painted in pink and purple? You may assume now that I am a girly girl with supernatural beauty skills…. Perhaps! But I am a big believer of “beauty always comes from within”. So I am here to show you how to be naturally beautiful, give you recipes for flawless skin, and provide you with all the secrets for a natural and younger appearance. I can also tell you about the lipstick that will suit you best and what would make your eyes always sparkle *.* (spoiler alert: it’s not always glitter eyeshadow!). Makeup is an art that everyone appreciates, but not anyone can create. Aaand that’s why we are here; to bring out the Picasso inside you so you can, all by yourself, turn your face from beautiful to “OMG isn’t she breathtaking?!!” So, welcome aboard, ladies and gents. This is our time to learn, have fun, and be beautiful together!

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