6 Makeup Products Worth The Splurge!


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Prepare yourself. I’m about to start!
Hello Bloomers, I know it’s Fall, and you might be feeling too lazy to experiment with new makeup products, but I’m here to change your mind and convince you otherwise!

Unlike summer, when you spend many hours trying to score that perfect look, which can go downhills as soon as you step out of your air-conditioned house, Fall is totally a different story!

In fact, Fall is just the perfect time of the year to try new makeup products without having to worry about it melting off your face in the next few seconds! Trust me. I know the struggle!

Apart from this, let’s admit it! Nothing lifts our mood more than new makeup products, right? A cosmetic bag that’s Overflowing? DUH…Who cares!!

There’s always room for one more product or maybe two, three, four… whatever!

Plus, investing in new makeup products is one of the best forms of pampering yourself, right? Right. 

So, don’t feel guilty when you end up blowing your grocery budget on new makeup products!Here are high-quality makeup products that you will ❤️ to try!


new look skin makeup

And dare to take your cheeks to another level! The tiny, portable COVERGIRL’s TruBlend Serving Sculpt Palette will help you enhance and illuminate your natural features. 

The set includes 3 super soft and creamy shades that can be used to color, contour, and highlight, providing depth and dimension to flatter any skin tone!

And you can’t beat the price! How amazing is that!

covergirl palette product

COVERGIRL TruBlend Serving Sculpt Contour Palette

Look Loud & Flaunt Your Curves

eyelashes product look

But first mascara!

Too Faced Damn-Girl mascara is another beauty product that you really gotta try! Trust me, you will fall for your lashes after each and every application!

This curving and volumizing mascara creates intense volume, irresistible curl and delivers a clump-free, voluptuous effect that lasts for 24 hours! What are you waiting for? Make your eyes pop and let everyone who looks at them go like …. Damn, your eyes!

new makeup products lashes

Too Faced Damn-Girl! 24-Hour Extreme Volume Mascara

Take Your Skin From Freakout To Flawless!!

flawless skin makeup

Bonsoir world! 

Well, It doesn’t really matter as you can wear this foundation anytime during the day and still look gorgeous with flattering skin! This foundation stick gives you an Insta-ready and faux filtered face with natural and flawless skin.

Make it one of your go-to beauty products whenever you feel like bringing out your health with the perfect shade!

And No worries! 

The Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup can resist sweat, humidity, and also the haters lurking around your gram 😎

revlon beige skin

Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup, Natural Beige

Fancy a rendez-vous?

black and white lipstick
couple look makeup chat

Are you looking for that high quality yet affordable beauty product to complete your look and boost your self-confidence? 

You got ittttt!!

This highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick stays and slays. The Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink City Edition Liquid Lipstick comes in super-saturated shades that give you the full experience – matt yet soft and long-lasting, creamy yet lightweight, moisturizing yet delivering the precise application.

A bit of Rouge on your lips and tadaaa: You are finally ready to go outside!

Shhh… don’t say a word!

Let your lips do the talking💋💋💋

superstay matte ink lipstick

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink City Edition Liquid Lipstick Makeup

Eat, sleep, shape brows, Repeat!

This is one of the best-selling Makeup products that will turn you into a brow artist! Thanks to this ultra-slim and fine-tipped pencil, you can create hyperreal tiny hair strokes and easily fill in sparse areas in your brows.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz will not only define, outline, and fill in your brows but will also last long!I tried it, and I’m OBSESSED! I’m sure you will also love it and be impressed with its easy application and overall effect.

Anastasia Beverly Hills product

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


eyeliner product makeup

Nailing the perfect cat-eye has never been easier! I know! But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Well, this Maybelline eyeliner will make achieving that sharp, sleek, and winged eyeliner a piece of cake!

With its hyper easy brush tip, optimal control & stable application, this eyeliner will last up to 24 hours with color that doesn’t smudge!

Your perfect, flawless Cat-Eye in 2 steps?

Yes, please

  1. First, you need to draw this liquid liner along the upper lash line.
  2. Second, let it dry for 20 seconds.

The RESULTS? A dramatic look and an absolute chic!

product Maybelline Hyper eyeliner makeup

Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Pen No-Skip Eyeliner

I Really hope you’ve enjoyed the article and loved the makeup products I’ve recommended!
Till my next article, let me know what you think about the products once you give them a try!


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