Acne Problems 2021: Should you or Shouldn’t You Wear Makeup?

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Only the lucky few have acne-free skin; the rest are all fallen victims of this skin condition. Now, how do you deal with these little demons covering your skin? You must have tried everything you could get your hands on, acne-fighting products, and all that jazz while also applying makeup to conceal them.

But should you be wearing makeup when you have acne-prone skin, or would that make it worse?

Alright, let’s find out!

Where did acne problems come from?

acne problem

First of all, you need to know the root cause of your acne. Is your skin producing excess oil? Are your hair follicles blocked with dead skin cells and oil? Is your androgens (male hormones) on the rise? Or is it stress?

Check with your dermatologist to know the exact cause of your acne to treat them accordingly.

For example, let’s say that you have hormonal acne (that is caused by hormonal imbalance); the treatment will go beyond regular exfoliation and acne face masks. Your doctor may prescribe anti-androgen drugs or retinoids.

Should you or should you not?

causes acne

Wearing makeup may not get in the way of clear skin. You can wear makeup even if you have acne problems, you just have to pick the right makeup: choose oil-free, alcohol-free, or fragrance- free makeup.
You can find plenty of foundation options for people with acne-prone skin or sensitive skin. Give a try to Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, it’s oil-free, and you can find it at Amazon now.

GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation

GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation for acne problems

You can also try Almay Clear Complexion Makeup that will do a good job covering your acne and controlling breakouts.

Almay Clear Complexion Makeup Acne

Almay Clear Complexion Makeup for acne problems

Get yourself a good concealer for your acne-prone skin. One of the top options right now is Neutrogena’s SkinClearing Blemish Concealer, which both conceals and fights acne problems. It’s non-comedogenic and contains only 0.5%, enough for cleansing, and won’t harm your skin if it is sensitive.

Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer

Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer for acne problems

As for face powders, try Neutrogena’s SkinClearing pressed powder compact which, again, both treats and covers acne.

Neutrogena SkinClearing for acne

Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Acne-Concealing Pressed Powder

See? You don’t have to give up on makeup. Like, how much will acne problems make us sacrifice, geez!

Just pick the brand you like and hide the acne while also treating them. The same goes for makeup removers, which brings us to an important point.

For clear skin’s sake, wash it off!

washing face
©WAYHOME studio/

It goes without saying that you should wash off your makeup at the end of the day, right?

Oh yeah, I get it, sometimes you tend to be too tired to remove makeup. But you really have to cleanse your face every night. Otherwise, dirt and dead skin cells will clog your pores and surprise you with more pimples!
If your skin can’t be dry to save itself, try Clean & Clear’s Advantage Control foaming face wash. It works for oily skin, and you won’t have to empty your wallet to buy it.

Cln&Clr Adv Acne face wash

Clean & Clear’s Advantage Acne Control Foaming face wash

Another goodie is Vichy Normaderm Daily Deep Cleansing Gel. It reduces excess oil production as well as excess shine. Make sure not to over-cleanse your face to not end up with dry skin. Another problem that you don’t need in your life right now, or ever!

Vichy Normaderm Daily Acne Treatment Face Wash for acne

Vichy Normaderm Daily Acne Treatment Face Wash

If you’re more into wiping your makeup off with two swipes, Mulan-style, then how about trying Aveeno’s makeup removing wipes. They’re a pack of oil-free, non-Comedogenic wipes that work for sensitive skin.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cleansing Oil-Free Makeup Removing

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cleansing Oil-Free Makeup Removing Wipes for acne problems

Your skin will be soothed, and irritation or redness will no longer be one of your worries.

So, now you know that quitting makeup won’t solve the problems. Book an appointment with a good dermatologist and find out about the main cause of your acne problems. Try to use trusted cosmetic brands like the ones mentioned above, and don’t ever go to bed without washing your face!

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