Want Fab Makeup? Lilly Collins Brings You THE French Girl Look

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Want to try minimalist makeup that will give you that oh-là-là French girl look?! The star of Netflix’s Emily in Paris, Lily Collins, will be your inspiration!

In a Vogue video, Lily spilled all the secrets to her phenomenal Day-to-Night French girl look, showing us the skincare and makeup products she uses, as well as special beauty tricks and hacks. It all begins with great skin!

French girl beauty is not just about red lipstick, cat eyes, and long lashes, it’s about having healthy, radiant skin first and foremost.

Play La Vie en Rose and get your little black dress ready because you’re about to look like your own version of Audrey Hepburn!

Let’s go!

Keep your spirits up with clear skin!

French look

Lily says, “the one thing I love about the je ne sais quoi vibe of no-makeup-makeup is fresh clear skin.” And I couldn’t agree more; clear skin is what we need in our lives!

Lily does it best! She starts her beauty routine by applying Saje Peppermint Halo essential oil, which soothes the skin and gives “a little touch of magic!”

She then cleanses her face thoroughly with Cetaphil cleanser before using the alcohol-free Thayers toner with witch Hazel to give the skin healthy moisture.

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