How To Look Gorgeous in Your 40s With These Makeup Secrets!

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You can still look your most beautiful after 40. Just look at Jennifer Lopez or Meryl Streep! Yeah, yeah, they are celebrities and most celebrities use fillers and botox, etc., but not ALL of them!
The only things you need sometimes are a consistent skincare routine, good quality makeup products, and the right makeup to keep looking and feeling your best. 

As we age, our skin starts losing more collagen, becoming less able to repair itself and that’s how we get our glorious wrinkles! But you know what, you learn to love them, and then you want to take care of them! How do you do that? Tweak your skincare routine and follow these makeup tips from celebs that every woman in her 40s or older should try!

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Skincare first!

skincare over 40

Skin cleansing is what every woman should do regardless of age. But being 40 or older requires a special routine!
Start your day by giving your skin a dose of youthfulness. Here is how to do it:

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  1. very good tips! i used to use creamy blush nd highlight.., it’s the best for dry skin or when it’s less hydrated like in summer season, am sure it will fit the aged skin perfectly.

    • Thank you, Debra! Cream blushes are such life-savers when you want to make your skin look more sculpted and fresh, and they’re perfect for mature skin! I look forward to seeing more of your comments in the future ❤️


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