Best DIY Stretch Marks Cream You Need To Try

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Stretch marks, we all have them and we all have tried to get rid of them! Both men and women get those stretches on their bodies, but women are more prone to them due to their skin complexions and what they have to go through. Yes, I am talking about the side effects of the miracle of birth! 

I, personally, remember having those marks on my thighs when I was still a teenager, and you know how hard it is when you see something odd on your body at that age that has never been shown on T.V. or in beauty magazines. I thought I was the only human who has them, and I believed I was ugly and unattractive… you know, usual teens’ thoughts! But when I had access to the internet, I realized that my stretch marks are totally normal and almost every girl has them, especially those with curves or constantly dealing with weight gain/loss.

kid belly stretch marks

The best realization I had: My body is beautiful the way it is. Those stretch marks are telling the story of what my body went through and the battles it won! So I decided to embrace them, love them, and show them off proudly. However, there was always a voice at the back of my head telling me to reduce them, at least just a little bit!

So hear me up! Whether you have red or white stretch marks, on your thighs, breasts, or everywhere, I am here to help you do whatever it takes to love your body the way it deserves to be loved. And if that means getting rid of stretch marks, then let’s do it. Ditch the stretch marks removal devices and chemical creams and lets DIY this natural stretch mark cream that WILL help them fade!

Stretch Mark Cream

stretch mark cream
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I am all about natural ingredients and DIYs when it comes to my skin (and health in general!) because I know they are completely safe and will never harm me. The results may take a little time to show, but it’s worth it, and my skin will thank me for never putting it at risk of any side effects.

What I got for you today is a homemade stretch mark cream that your skin will adore! It contains fabulous ingredients that will not only reduce stretch marks, but also enhance the quality of your skin and help it remain young.

This is what you are going to need: 


  1. Place cocoa butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in a dish that is microwave safe.
  2. Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stir till they are all combined.
  3. Let it cool for 10 minutes, then pour the mixture into a mixer.
  4. Add frankincense, vitamin E oil, and lavender.
  5. Blend for 4-5 minutes till it becomes fluffy and very-well mixed.6. Transfer the mixture to an airtight container.

How to use:

Apply the stretch mark cream on the affected areas and let your skin absorb it. The coconut oil and butter will moisturize your skin greatly, while the lavender will provide a great smell. Meanwhile, the rest of the ingredients will penetrate deep into the stretch marks and reduce them effectively.

P.S.: If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor about certain essential oils’ safety on the skin. They can be avoided.

Before you start trying, you need to accept the fact that stretch marks can’t be removed permanently, but the good news is they fade, and they become almost invisible. Taking good care of your skin, staying hydrated, moisturizing constantly, and using this stretch mark DIY cream will definitely help! Until then, don’t forget to wear your marks proudly!

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