6 Celebrity Skincare Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

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Besides their incomparable beauty and bubbly personalities, celebrities are always known to have glowing, perfect skin. And whether you’d like to admit it or not, you are jealous of that and still wondering how come their skin is just so… flawless! Do they have skincare secrets that we are clueless about? Or we just drinking different air than them?

glowing skin

Well, we all know it’s not really flawless because, obviously, they are humans with imperfections. It’s just they have access to better products and have the ability to afford more expensive dermatologists and procedures. But because they are cool, they didn’t prevent themselves from telling us their skincare secrets. And to my shock, most of those secrets are super cheap and available to everyone.

So, are you interested to know the skincare secrets of Priyanka Chopra, Meryl Streep, and other celebrities with complexions at the Goddess level? 

Let’s get right into it…

1. Meryl Streep

Her youthful glow can manipulate anyone to think that the incredible Meryl Streep is not in her seventies (yes, she is!!). And obviously, anyone can assume that her skincare secret is nothing but a continuous abuse of expensive lotions and potions. But the biggest skincare secret of this beautiful actress does not cost a penny!  

How? Well, her skincare secret is to never touch her face. That’s it! Allow me to elaborate…According to many dermatologists, touching your face repeatedly can spread bacteria easily and cause infection, acne, and even eczema, and Meryl Streep is aware of that. Plus, this Oscar-winning actress doesn’t believe in plastic surgery because she believes they “freeze” the skin. However, she understands why people, mostly women, go for those surgeries. So, if you want glowing skin when you are older, stop touching your face and avoid plastic surgeries!

2. Christie Brinkley

Have you always wondered why men always look younger than women? And why they are mostly more “prettier” when older? Christie Brinkley found the answer to that. 

She once read in an article that the reason is men always shave their faces, and all the exfoliating that comes with it contributes to younger skin… a skincare secret that I didn’t expect, honestly!This is why Christie Brinkley tends to exfoliate her face every day, which enhanced her skin quality and made it smoother and fresher. The most important thing is making sure that the exfoliator is gentle, like the one she advertises in her skincare line. 

Christie Brinkley skin animated
Christie Brinkley polish exfoliator

Christie Brinkley | Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish

3. George Clooney’s skincare secrets

geoerge clooney
©Grant pollard/Invision/ap/shutterstock

We are always obsessed with the skincare secrets of the beautiful famous women, but we forget to ask about the skincare secrets of the gorgeous famous men of Hollywood! Didn’t you notice that they also have great skin? And always look younger than their actual age?

I dug deep to get the best skin care tips from the gentlemen, and the first one to find was the incredible George Clooney, the man who kept all women and men drooling over his charm. And guess what? He also has a skincare routine… a very cheap one! 

George Clooney likes to pamper himself by hitting the spa and enjoying steam rooms. Even though he doesn’t use one specific product, he makes sure his face is cleansed with Ivory soap. Well, if that would do the trick, then we are ready to swim in seas of Ivory soaps! 

If you are interested in trying George Clooney’s “skincare secret”, then we recommend this Paraben-free and phthalate-free gel that is also a body wash (for younger body skin, too!). 

Ivory Clean Dermatologist skin

Ivory Clean Dermatologist Tested and Formulated

4. Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid skin

Gigi is known to be one of the most gorgeous supermodels with glowing skin to die for! Seeing her complexions makes us all assume that she spends a fortune on her skincare products, but what you don’t know is Gigi has always been an admirer of drugstore products; affordable ones! Her skincare secret is to keep it simple: Clean and moisturize daily! She always makes sure her face is makeup-free before bed, but when she is too tired to do it, she turns to cleansing wipes. You can always keep it on your nightstand or in your purse for quick cleansing when you are in no mood to deal with all that mascara mess. 

Gigi Hadid uses The Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

simple wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

5. Bella Hadid

bella hadid

Speaking of Gigi, we can’t move on without mentioning the beauty secret of her sister, Bella Hadid! This stunning supermodel has skin that is made of our most sparkling dreams. It’s always shining and glowing… seriously, always! Unlike her sister, Bella enjoys expensive products and she tends to apply them on a daily basis. However, her mother gave her a piece of advice that helped her skin to be flawless, and it is “skin before makeup”. So she always tries to keep her skin clean and moisturized. Without moisturizing, her face feels dry and tight every morning, so her go-to moisturizers are the peel-off masks, especially the black ones because, as she said, they revive her skin better!

AsaVea Blackhead Peel Off Mask

AsaVea Blackhead Peel Off Mask With Brush, Black mask, Blackhead Remover Mask

6. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra skincare

Once, she captivated our eyes with her beauty when she became Miss World, then immediately, she owned our hearts with her beautiful mind and great personality. Priyanka Chopra is a role model for anyone striving to be better, and anyone wants better skin, too! 

Many beauty magazines are constantly trying to interview her and learn her beauty secrets, and with no hesitation, she always blesses us with recipes and products. 

According to Priyanka Chopra, the most important thing is to remove your makeup every night. No excuse! And the safest way to do it, as described by Priyanka, is by applying virgin coconut oil on your skin, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off gently with a hot towel. You will be exfoliating your skin, cleaning it, and hydrating it at the same time! Yep, that’s it! 

If you are looking for one of the best virgin coconut oils out there, we recommend:

vivanatural coconut oil skincare

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Meryl Streep

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